When I first went to see Dr. Patrick I was experiencing pain in my side, it was like a knife sticking my side when I moved. Now I am able to walk without my waist-belt and the knife has been removed. Dr. Patrick is the first chiropractor I have ever been to in my 76 years. I think this has been the best decision I have made. (J)

I was in an accident and I started to seek chiropractic care for the pain in my neck, and at the time I did not know it would also help with my migraine headaches that were occurring twice a month. In the time I have been under care the migraines and neck pain have improved greatly. (C)

I have bilateral TMJ and migraine headaches. Dr. Patrick is the kindest and most caring doctor I have met. I have seen lots of doctors and he is the only one I will let perform care to my body. My headaches have disappeared and.l would recommend him to all that need non-invasive care. (R)

My hip and lower back were tight and hurt. My upper back was also tighter than I realized. It hurt to walk or climb stairs and I could not sleep on my left side because of my hip pain. Since I have had chiropractic care, from Dr. Patrick I am much better. (G)

I had severe soreness in my knee and behind the knee especially after sitting. I also experienced pain down the leg to my foot. After having chiropractic care, the soreness is much better after sitting, and I have No more pain down the left leg into my foot. (S)

I suffered from chronic pain. I could not look up or turn my head to the side without hurting. My arms hurt along with my lower back and leg. Since receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Patrick, I can now look up and to the sides without pain, my arm no longer aches and pain in my back does not bother me like it once did. (M)

I coughed a lot and suffered from depression on a daily basis. I had trouble sleeping and was often short tempered. Since I have been in Dr. Patrick’s care, with Nutrition Response Testing. My cough has improved, and I am not as depressed or tired anymore. (K)

When I first began chiropractic care I was tired all the time, has joint and muscle pain and was sluggish. I now has more energy, pain is not as often or intense as it used to be. Thank you Dr. Patrick. (S)

Dr. Patrick has been a wonderful help with all my aches and pains, he is the most caring and gentle chiropractor I have ever been to. It is such a blessing to know that I can call anytime and he will work me into his schedule. My life would be much more painful without Dr. Patrick and his wonderful staff. Thanks for all you do. (T)

I hurt my knee in the summer. I was sent to doctor after doctor by my workers compensation company. They told me I needed surgery. I was in a lot of pain and got to the point o could not walk, one day my back was hurting go I went to Dr. Patrick, they were wonderful. After just one visit I started getting better and didn’t seek a medical doctor’s attention after that. I went to Dr. Patrick’s and got much better. I have recommended many people to him. Their atmosphere is a Christian setting which is wonderful! (B)

Before I starting visiting Dr. Patrick I had a lot of stomach pain, and a lot of problems digesting foods. Now the pain is gone and the digestion is a lot better. (T)

Before I started visiting Dr. Patrick for Nutrition Response Testing, the pain was horrible, I was dying. The pulmonologist and his staff at St. Thomas could not figure out what was wrong with me. They treated me from December to May. I went to the hospital 3 times, and spent a week three each time with no results. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now I do not have any troubles, I take half the medication that I was on, and feel alive again! (L)

Before coming to see Dr. Patrick I was in severe pain and no medications helped. After being treated for over a year I still have some pain but it is nothing compared to what it was when I started. I am able to walk and do everyday actives now that were problematic before! (B)

I was in pain every day to the point that it was interfering with my life. The pain and inability to move my neck properly was also impacting my work. Now that I have been treated by Dr. Patrick, I am pain free and the range of motion in my neck has significantly improved. The best part is my quality of life has improved. (S)